Feminizing Hormone Considerations

Hormones will impact you in many ways, this section will explore considerations for contraception, surgery, and for non-binary individuals.


Spironolactone & Estradiol: Are NOT sufficient to bring sperm count to zero, discuss partner contraception and condom options with your Primary Care Provider. It is also important to remember to continue routine testing and follow appropriate STI prevention methods. 

Take this opportunity to discuss PrEP with your provider!


Pre-operative hormone management is surgeon dependent, discuss this with your surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. Most commonly, hormones will be stopped 2-3 weeks prior to a major surgery and restarted 1-2 weeks after surgery

Depending on the type of surgery, Anti-Androgen medications may be stopped and Estrogen doses may be decreased. Discuss these changes with your Primary Care Provider

For Non-Binary Individuals

As a non-binary person beginning hormones, your Primary Care Provider should have a conversation about what transitioning means to you and how they can facilitate that. will take extra consideration in discussing hormone options/doses with you. 

It is important to note that some irreversible changes will happen with hormone therapy and your provider will want to ensure you are aware and accepting of all possible changes/effects.

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