Social Transition

There is no one way to transition and there are many options for transitioning that are not medical. Below you will find information on Social Transition

Not everyone who socially transitions wants to medically transition, and social and medical transition timelines do not always align. Do what works for you!

Speaking to a Healthcare Provider

It’s okay to have questions around your social transition. Speaking to your Primary Care Provider and/or Mental Health Provider is a good place to start seeking support. You may be seeking support to access gender-specific medical services or information, or mental health support.

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Gender Affirming Gear

If you choose to wear Gender Affirming Gear there are some health considerations to think about because being safe while being comfortable is important! Gender affirming gear can be expensive, so if finances are a barrier for you there may be local organizations that provide programs and support. Contact your local Pride Centre for more information

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Guardians of Trans and Gender Diverse Youth

As a parent/guardian, it is important to support your child’s social transition as it decreases anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation.

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