About Us

The Trans Wellness Initiative brings community members, community-based organizations, and healthcare providers together to improve the health and wellbeing for trans and non-binary communities.

The Trans Wellness Initiative Website provides access to:

  • Community education and system navigation resources,
  • Healthcare provider education, and continuing professional development opportunities, 
  • Connections between community members and inclusive, knowledgeable providers and services 

The Trans Wellness Initiative was coordinated by the Community-Based Research Center, and made possible due to the work and support of multiple partners and stakeholders. We would like to thank our partners from: the Alberta Trans Health Network, EMHC, Alec Moorji, HIV Edmonton, Pulp and Pixel, Dr. Julia Carter, Dr. Julia Chronopoulos, Tammy Troute-Wood, Dr. Marshall, Renate Braul, Mateo Huezo, Alberta Health Services, the Gender Program, MacEwan Health Clinic, Medi Drugs Millcreek, the Wellness Centre.

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